The Company

Hello Everyone,

My name is Marcia and I am the founder of Essential Serenity.

I have been working with essential oils for over 5 years and have been a Certified Aromatherapist for 3 years. 

My interest in essential oils grew strong many years ago because of a horrible interaction with medications. I used to suffer from severe panic and anxiety attacks. My doctors kept trying different medications but nothing seemed to work for me. 

Extremely frustrated, I reached out for more natural alternatives. 

The day I used essential oils for the first time was like the heavens opened for me. I was so excited. I felt the relief within minutes. Some would say this was all in my head but I didn't care nor did I believe it.  As far as I was concerned, they worked! From that moment on, I was hooked and I knew I had to get the word out to help other people. 

There is so much information available about essential oils that it's hard to know who to trust, at least that's what I ran in to. 

That was the day I decided to open my own company. I wanted to know exactly where my essential oils were coming and exactly what was in them. I've spent years trying to distillers products and I have finally made connections with some of the absolute best distillers in the world. I trust them and their products. 

So, I want to share them with you. 

My life's goal is to help people feel better naturally with what God has given us.  I truly believe essential oils can heal almost anything along with a strong, determined mind.

I'm happy you have chosen our essential oils and to me, you are a part of my family. 



Marcia Martin